Learn how you can reduce waste & delays, improve transparency, and provide convenient online channels to everyone via automation

The Introduction to Going Automated Series discusses how you can level up your digital forms and workflows by setting automation rules that make your operations smarter.

What to Expect from This Course

Review customer journey to identify steps that can be optimized through automation  

Learn how to set business rules , and identify steps that need human intervention

Use knowledge and learning to create an automation sequence using a no-code platform

Set your operations on autopilot with process automation

See how you can streamline your workflows through logic and business rules. Assess parts of your workflow that you can optimize to speed up your processes.

This course is designed to share how automation can help with the overall accuracy and efficiency of your processes, and the ways you can implement automation steps without writing code.

Course Curriculum

It will take you approximately 30 minutes to finish this course. You can also complete this course at your own pace.